Volunteers of America Partners with CBS EcoMedia in Launch of Innovative Charitable Giving Platform

“Viewers to Volunteers” Gives Everyone The Power To Give Back, For Free

Contact: David Burch
Volunteers of America
(703) 341-5054 or dburch@voa.org

NEW YORK, N.Y. – March 9, 2015 – Volunteers of America, one of the nation’s oldest and largest human service charities, has proudly partnered with CBS EcoMedia as an inaugural member of the Viewers to Volunteers (V2V) community. The new digital platform, which launches today at www.ViewerstoVolunteers.com, channels advertising dollars into tangible quality of life improvements in communities across America. V2V expands an already robust relationship with CBS EcoMedia, which, since 2012, has supported Volunteers of America in efforts to integrate environmental sustainability in its programs nationwide.

“Volunteers of America is delighted to continue our longstanding relationship with EcoMedia and to be an inaugural member of the extraordinary Viewers to Volunteers community,” said Volunteers of America National President Mike King. “This innovative platform will connect us with an ever-widening network of givers; with their support, Volunteers of America will have the resources necessary to extend compassionate support to more of those most in need.”

Initially, V2V will benefit Volunteers of America programs in four target market areas – Dallas, Los Angeles, Twin Cities and Philadelphia. The V2V platform makes it simple, fun, and rewarding for everyone to give back and improve the lives of real people in need – all for free. Simply by watching and reading compelling and inspiring articles and videos on their smartphones, tablets, and computers, and sharing these positive stories with others over social media, consumers direct funding to a variety of critical education, wellness, and environmental projects across the country.

“Our new Viewers to Volunteers program will provide the resources necessary to help Volunteers of America support those most in need, and EcoMedia is proud and honored to be a partner in this mission,” said Paul Polizzotto, EcoMedia president and founder. “By making it simple, fun and free to give, V2V extends the reach of Volunteers of America to a wider community, making it possible to help more of our nation’s most vulnerable. EcoMedia is delighted to welcome Volunteers of America to the Viewers to Volunteers community, and to extend the privilege of giving to everyone.”

Since March 2012, Volunteers of America has partnered with EcoMedia, a division of CBS, to identify and build underfunded environmental improvement projects in low-income and subsidized housing developments nationwide.

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About Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America is a national, nonprofit, faith-based organization dedicated to helping those in need live healthy, safe and productive lives. Since 1896, our ministry of service has supported and empowered America’s most vulnerable groups, including veterans, seniors, people with disabilities, at-risk youth, men and women returning from prison, homeless individuals and families, those recovering from addictions and many others. Through hundreds of human service programs, including housing and health care, Volunteers of America helps almost 2.5 million people in over 400 communities. Our work touches the mind, body, heart and ultimately the spirit of those we serve, integrating our deep compassion with highly effective programs and services.

About CBS EcoMedia Inc.

EcoMedia was founded in 2002 by social entrepreneur Paul Polizzotto. The company’s mission is to harness the power of the advertising dollar to make tangible, quality of life improvements in communities nationwide. In 2010, after successfully partnering on a wide range of environmental projects, EcoMedia was acquired by CBS Corporation, exponentially scaling its reach across television, radio, interactive, and publishing media.

Through EcoMedia’s patent-pending EducationAd, WellnessAd, EcoAd, and Viewers to Volunteers advertising programs, national brands and local businesses provide millions of dollars in financial support to some of the nation’s most effective nonprofit organizations, funding critical veterans, education, wellness, and environmental projects nationwide.

EcoMedia’s innovative and proprietary business model has fundamentally altered the advertising and nonprofit landscapes, elevating the ordinary, traditional commercial – and media, in general – into a catalyst for tangible, quantifiable social change.

EcoMedia has earned numerous awards and recognitions for its work, including the US Conference of Mayors Award for Excellence in Public Private Partnerships (2009), Edison Awards for Social Innovation and Social Impact (2012, 2013), and the Starlight Children's Foundation's "General H. Norman Schwarzkopf Leadership Award” honoring individual and organizational leaders who are doing extraordinary work to advance the common good and strengthen their communities.

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By participating in EcoMedia’s EcoAd, WellnessAd, EducationAd, and Viewers to Volunteers advertising programs, EcoMedia’s advertisers agree to provide funding for projects we believe will have a beneficial effect upon the environment, health and/or education within local communities. EcoMedia’s advertising programs are not certification programs nor are the EcoAd, WellnessAd or EducationAd logos seals of approval. EcoMedia does not in any way certify, endorse or make any representations about EcoMedia program advertisers, their products or services.